Smashing Logo Design

by Gareth Hardy

A logo design book with a little twist. This isn't just a showcase of logos designed by some of the best designers working today, it's a step inside the world of logo design itself. From history through process to the future.

"I liken finding great ideas to mining for diamonds. You'll be lucky to find one with the first dig into the surface. It's more likely that you'll find a lot of common stones before you discover that elusive gem. If you dig holes in enough places, you'll increase your chances—but it's more efficient and productive if you know where to look."

Subjects covered in the book:

  • Part I A look at the immense power of logos on the human environment.
  • Part II An in depth look at process from first initial client contact right through to the delivery of files. Includes real case studies.
  • Part III A showcase comprised of 400 amazing examples of tremendous logo designs.
  • Appendix An overview of the emerging logo design industry, its history & future.

Just some of the great 400 logos published: